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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

My coffee Talks Privacy Policy.

We are utmostly committed to your privacy. Without your prior permission or interest we on no account exchange, sell or undo your personal information to any third parties.

Information We May Collect:

For viewing our site we don’t ask for any kind of registration or personal information. We do not collect personally identified information until they pledge us knowingly or voluntarily. Personal data like names, email addresses, Zip/Postal codes and addresses are gathered when the visitors willingly submit them through web-based emails.

Every website you visit will identify your Ip address and is discernible to us when you visit our site. We only use it to administrate our website and solve server-side issues.

When the information you provided accredit us to share then only we will share your personally identified information with third parties.


Cookies are used by every website nowadays to store data files on user computers. uses cookies but it doesn’t contain any personally identifiable information. Cookies contain information which enables us to see how a user is interacting with our website and frequency of return.

To ensure a quality product to our customers we use cookies which let us know about the frequent visitors. Cookies are for the utmost benefit of our users. In order to know the flow of traffic from the other websites into our site, so that we can keep most of our online advertisement on that websites. Exclusive of contest registration we never use cookies to identify a precise individual. Any kind of information that is not originally sent in a cookie is never retrieved by We don’t use information from cookies for any kind of promotion or marketing.No damage is to be done to visitor’s system with this cookies, a unique number is to be assigned to the visitor which outside of assigning has no meaning. Most of the browsers are equipped with denial of cookies if the user wants to maintain their privacy.

Links to other websites:

We contains links to many other websites but we are not responsible for the content or privacy policy of those websites. We just share aggregate data with other websites like the flow of traffic and number of visitors but we never share any personal data with these websites. Search for the privacy policy of other websites to make sure their privacy.

Third Party Advertising:

When you visit our site Google and other third-party advertisers will serve you with ads. They just use information(not personal information like name, email, address etc.,) to provide advertisement based on your visits to this or any other websites, so they knew about the goods and services you are interested in. To know more information regarding this and not sharing this information with other companies, please click here

To serve ads on your site Google being a third party vendor, uses cookies

Use of DART cookie by Google will serve ads to users based on a visit to your website and other websites on the Internet.

By visiting Google advertisement and content network privacy policy the use of DART cookie may be opted by the user.

Third Party Cookies:

A “unique” cookies are to be recognized by third-party advertisers in the process placing advertisements in our site.

How to contact us?

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