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How to Become Productive in Life?

Productive in Life

How to Become Productive in Life?

Isn’t that a question that haunts many of us day and night? When we look at people who are creating wonders by inventing new stuff, starting innovative enterprises, winning awards, and leading a life worthy of envy, a part of us wants to become as productive and successful as them.

But, the question remains. How to become productive? What are we doing wrong despite putting in hours each day at work? Why we are less successful when compared to them? This post might answer the questions.

Success and productivity are perceived as a team. If you are productive, you will be successful. But, how does one become more productive than they already are that too without exhausting themselves or damaging their personal life? After all, balancing all elements of life is a part of being successful.

The first and foremost point to remember is not blaming yourself or others around you. The blame-game never did anybody any good. Moreover, it results in low self-esteem, strained relationships, and even depression.

Work Smart

  • Haven’t we been told for years that hard work is the key to success?
  • Well, let’s tweak it now. The number of hours you work isn’t going to mean a thing if you are less productive or behind the schedule when compared to those who work lesser hours.
  • The idea is to finish the task in less time with efficiency. So, how can it be done?
  • Start the day by making a list of things you will need to finish that day.
  • Prioritize the work according to the deadlines and difficulty levels.
  • Break down the tasks into individual ones and do not overwork on any of those.
 Productive in Life.
How to Become Productive in Life.

Take a Break

  • Yes, your body and mind need a break when working long hours.
  • Plan the breaks according to the working schedule. Go for a small walk, have some coffee, or just sit back and relax.
  • Do not think about work. Instead, enjoy the short break. This will help clear the mind, allowing you to work with rejuvenated energy.
  • If you are not sure how to time the breaks in your tight schedule, remember a simple rule. The minute things get on your nerves and frustration begins to mount, it’s time to get up and breathe some fresh air.

Planning is Crucial

  • Many people tend to avoid planning as it seems unnecessary. Planning doesn’t have to be boring. It can be a creative process that will help your day run smoother.
  • Use things you love to plan the day. Buy a trendy journal, that favorite pen of yours, or download an app you’ve wanted to try out.
  • Write down the things one after another and try to set a timer for each task. If you are a math geek, start a guessing game with yourself. Try and guess how long a meeting would take, how many minutes it would take to walk across the buildings, etc.

Fight Procrastination

  • This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Don’t we all know it by now? But, there is hope.
  • One way to fight procrastination is by not giving in to the temptation of taking a peek at your mobile phone and getting distracted with a new project or task.
  • Turn off your phone or leave it in silent mode so that the notifications don’t lure you to scroll through the never-ending posts on social media.
  • Say no to colleagues when they try to interrupt you in the middle of work. Unless it is an emergency situation, a few minutes won’t make a difference. Talk to them during your break. But remember to time your breaks and get back to work when it ends.
  • Do not try to extend the break time. That could mess up the entire schedule, leaving you feeling restarted rather than accomplished.

How To Achieve The Perfect Work-Life Balance

How to Become Productive in Life mycoffeetalks .


  • Stay healthy and stay fit. Eat healthy food.
  • A healthy body results in an active mind.
  • Include time for workout sessions in your daily timetable.
  • Running, jogging, weights, etc. Opt for whichever form of exercise you prefer.

The bottom line is to have a clear idea of your goals, plan for them and ensure your work and personal life is balanced.


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