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25 Signs You Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset – How Do You Know You Are Born Different?

Entrepreneurial Mindset

In today’s fast-paced world, you can find two categories of people. One category is the entrepreneur and the other category are ordinary citizens. The first category of people like to see an opportunity in everything, when others like to walk away.

They are always having several hundred things running in their mind. Entrepreneurs find themselves restless and hustling about things. As an entrepreneur, they want to find answers for everything to make the world a better place for others.

It is safe to say that, entrepreneurs are a gifted set of people who want to find solutions to the existing problems. Do you have it you to become an entrepreneur? Perhaps, you might be one without knowing it.

In this post, I will share with you 25 signs that you have an entrepreneurial mindset. Read them carefully because, if you have most of them, then you are destined to become one.

Let us check them out:

Entrepreneurial Mindset

1.Entrepreneurs do not feel alone in isolation

As an entrepreneur, you do not feel alone in isolation. Those lonely nights or daytime self-talk about your next big dream are part of the life. It is during these isolated moments, that you are able to think straight and come up with brilliant ideas.

2.Entrepreneurs like to dream BIG

Entrepreneurs like to dream very big. It could be a small idea, but they like to take it to the next level. As an entrepreneur, they see a huge future in it, something, which others do not or are not able to. Entrepreneurs are able see things before they take shape and then work towards it.

3.Entrepreneurs wake up with an urge or desire to do something

They have that desire to do something for the day, even though they have not planned anything. They like to build something, create some value, or take another step towards their goal.

4.Entrepreneurs read a lot

They read many books on successful people. You would be surprised that some entrepreneurs can read few books per week, despite their hectic schedule.

5.Entrepreneurs do not like to be entertained

You will not find them sitting in front of the television wasting their time. However, they might have their own hobbies, but television or listening to music is a strict no for them. Instead, they find peace within themselves by reading books of value.

6.Entrepreneurs take tough decisions

They are not afraid to take tough decisions to move ahead in life. An entrepreneur does not like sitting idle in one place. He/she seeks redemption through moving ahead, though it means sacrificing something precious to them.

7.Entrepreneurs love people who work hard

It is safe to say, that they like to be in the company of people who work hard. Some entrepreneurs love the presence of other successful businesspersons or women with them. Entrepreneurs do not mind sharing a meal with them and discussions similar ideas and thoughts.

8.Entrepreneurs value smart work

They know that the best way to move forward is to work smartly and efficiently. Such people are recognized by them and instantly hired by them.

9.Entrepreneurs are a confident bunch of people

They are confident and do not be shaken easily unless there is an earthquake happening. The ability to deliver the goods on time is hundred percent without fail.

10.Entrepreneurs are insecure at times

Yes, they are humans and feel insecure at times. However, this feature in them pushes them hard at what they are doing to success. They take it as a challenge and strive to work hard, until the goal is achieved.

11.Failures are encouraged by Entrepreneurs

They are not afraid of failures and are ready to accept them. They know it is part of life and falls are bound to happen.

12.The passion levels in an entrepreneur are very high

A good entrepreneur is always passionate about what he/she does. They do not accept any task performed below the best of the abilities due to their intense passion and hunger for client satisfaction.Entrepreneurial Mindset

13.Entrepreneurs don’t might being hated

Entrepreneurs understand the nature of their work. It is not meant to please everybody. At times, they may have to take decisions, which may not be pleasing to everyone. They accept that challenge.

14.Entrepreneurs can work from anywhere

They can just about work from anywhere, including the loo, if they have to. Apple founder, Steve Jobs got great ideas sitting inside the loo. The peace and calmness made his mind think harder to come up with powerful solutions.

15.Entrepreneurs despise authority who seem like a hurdle in their path

Entrepreneurs dislike authority who keep pushing them around and told what to do. If that is the case with you, then you are destined to become one someday.

16.Entrepreneurs keep track of all the happenings through subscriptions

Like mentioned before, they like to read books in plenty. Similarly, they like to keep abreast of the happenings around them through blogs and newsletters. You will find them reading for at least an hour a day.

17.Entrepreneurs love to plan things

If you love to plan things, however small they seem, then you have the entrepreneurial blood within you.

18.Entrepreneurs like to hustle and move around

Entrepreneurs like to hustle and move around, without sitting in one place. It could be meetings, conferences, and just about anything. They do not like to sit idle even for a moment. Their mind has to keep running and operating like a motor that never tires.

19.People call entrepreneurs weird

Everybody calls entrepreneurs weird. Seeing their unusual behaviors and traits, people around them feel that they are abnormal.

20.Entrepreneurs are genuinely interested in knowing people

They like to understand about others deeply. Though they love their work, they have compassion on others and try to bring them up to their levels.

21.Entrepreneurs like to be with people smarter than them

This comes as no surprise. Unless great minds think alike when together, then the consequences can be good for humanity. They like to have people who are better and smarter, to learn from them, and emulate them.

22.Entrepreneurs like to get feedback’s

You will be surprised to know that most entrepreneurs have a mentor. They look upon somebody to advise him or her or show him or her the path.

23.Entrepreneurs always value their time

They value time. You will not find entrepreneur sitting idle gossiping about others. Instead, entrepreneurs value time and do something useful. It could be eating, sleeping, exercising, or reading a valuable book.

24.Entrepreneurs like to research for the sake of it

Entrepreneurs like to research for the fun of it. They do not like to waste their time reading magazines or other stuff. However, they are obsessed with the happenings in the market and keep at it.

25.Entrepreneurs like to embrace change

They are not afraid to embrace change, unlike others. Entrepreneurs know that things are going to work for the better and are ready to accept it wholeheartedly.

Are you feeling it? Have you felt these signs before? If so, then you are ready to become an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur takes you into a world of difficulties. The best way to become an entrepreneur is to understand how to become one.

Having said that, do you have it in you. Are you excited to become an entrepreneur? Are you ready to walk out of your current 9-5 job and start something new for yourself? You are welcome to share this list with somebody who might be inspired to become an entrepreneur someday.


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