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Top 5 Places to Re-Invent Your Love for Life and Travel


When life takes a rude turn, you need to do something to rescue and rejuvenate yourself. It is important to recuperate and avoid getting depressed. It is hard to cope with loss, especially a serious one and even harder to move on. Here we present a list of places you could explore , to get back to living your life your way once again, forgetting all your worries.

1. Udaipur – Bask in the charming and peaceful City of Lakes, where you can find enough solace to collect yourself. Often called as the Venice of the east, Udaipur is also a perfect spot to meet interesting people and make new friends. As much as you will be mesmerized with the grandeur of the palaces situated in the midst of lakes, you will be surprised by the splendid and royal history behind each of these.The famous ‘Shilpgram’ crafts fair is held between November and February which also happens to be the best time to visit the place. Enjoy the weather, festivities and the serene atmosphere, all at the same time to have the experience of a lifetime.

2. Guwahati – Located in Assam and much unexplored Guwahati is an ideal place to find peace and spend quality time with yourself. Get enchanted with the beautiful lakes of the city or treat yourself to a day with the friendly animals of Kaziranga national park, where you can take the exciting elephant ride. The Kamakhya temple complex, situated on top of the most beautiful hill – Nilachal hill, has about 20 temples and is one of the most sacred places in India. Guwahati is one place which you can visit without any guilt at any time of the year. The weather is good almost all the time (except monsoon).

3. Srinagar – of course, no travel list is complete without this place. The beauty of Srinagar can never fade. Whether you are lonely, looking out for someone, or heart-broken, this place has plenty to offer for everyone! Needless to say, for couples this is the best place to be! From the time you step in, Srinagar will enthrall you with its beautiful gardens and purity. This Gem of Kashmir is not only rich in natural spots, but also full of beautiful handicrafts which range from carpets to show-pieces to clothes. Experience the calm and refresh yourself with a Shikara ride in the Dal lake, fall in love with nature once again through the Tulip garden, Shalimar Garden and many more beautiful places.

Top 5 places to re-invent your love for life and travel

4. Havelock (Swaraj) island–situated in the dreamy and tranquil Andaman and Nicobar Islands, this island has views to die for. From the time you take the ferry to this island, till you reach Radhanagar beach on the island, you will be lost for words to describe the beauty of nature. This is one place you can never get enough of and would want to come back, given a chance. Immerse yourself in the ferry ride, take selfies, enjoy the oneness of your soul! Relax and laze around in the beach with a book of your choice or just enjoy sun-bathing!

Havlock Island

5. Kanyakumari – the southern most tip of India, this place will leave you surprisingly pleased and amazed at the same time. There are many reasons why you should visit this place, especially when you are feeling low. For one, the place offers the best view of a sunset. It is beyond imagination for the sun to just come from the river and disappear in the same way. Beautiful and peaceful at the same time, you definitely want to get yourself drenched with this sight. For the next, there is a rock where Swami Vivekananda meditated and you will immediately find yourself in the middle of all the positivist surrounding the place. You are sure to feel calm and relaxed in this serene and magical place (Vivekananda Rock Memorial).

Travelling is a great way to forget your past, your worries, the lows in your life and start afresh. With such beautiful places to relax your mind, you cannot be asking for more – can you?


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