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Building self-esteem and resilience in children.

Building self esteem
Building self-esteem

“Resilience foster self-confidence and determination.” Building self-esteem and resilience in children.

Building resilience in your children is an artifice that assists you in boosting the ability in your children to face and bounce back from the challenges and succeed. It is the best gift life-lasting gift you give to your children.

Self-esteem and resilience is not something that we have or we don’t have. We work on it throughout our lives. We need to start learning as soon as possible to build a positive healthy life. Parents are the key factor to help build self-esteem and resilience in the children.

Children learn by observing their parents. They teach their children indirectly on how they cope up with everyday stress.

The importance of building resilience in children

The resilience act as a guiding tool through serious challenges in our lives and gives us ways to overcome and thrive. It is capable of making a big difference in one’s life. The person who responds to the hardships and negative happenings with resilience and self-esteem are,

  • More successful in school and work
  • The lesser chance of getting depressed
  • Healthier and happier
  • Have a higher level of confidence
  • Emotionally stable
  • Be more of optimistic
  • Capable of creating a healthier environment around

The road to resilience

Many things help parents to develop resilience in young children. These things include,

  • A secure bonding of children with their parents
  • Relationship with positive people
  • Opportunities to learn skills
  • Opportunities to participate in events and activities’

To build resilience and self-esteem in children we need both internal and external factors. The outside supports include positive role models in the family, caring relationships, community resources. The inner strengths are listed here are confidence, self-control, self-respect, positive vibes, responsibility, and logical thinking skills. These two strengths together drive resilience in young children.

resilience in children
Building self esteem

A secure bonding of children with their parents

Developing a close, loving relationship with their child by every parent is the initial step and most needed factor to develop resilience in the children. The kids do the best when they feel loved, protected, cared, understood and accepted. The feeling of loved and wanted in the hardships helps the children to get through and thrive in every situation. Secure bonding and caring relationships regulate a child’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behavior. This inbuilt positive interactions between children and the parent.

Being a positive role model

The children observe, learn and copy what others say and do. So it’s the responsibility of the parent and adult around younger children to be a positive role model by handling tedious situations with resilience and confidence. The parents behave calm, stress-free and flexible in dealing with life’s challenges, changes, and problems, they, in turn, teaching children to be positive in handling the challenges and stress.

Developing self-esteem

Self-esteem is an inner strength that plays a vital role in developing self-regulation, self-confidence, self-control. It is how we adjust our behavior, thoughts, and emotions to handle changing situations and challenges. Children learn to self-regulate things around them through their interactions with the caring parent. The parent should be filled with energy, calm and alert in dealing with everyday challenges, life, and stress. These are a simple way to build self-esteem in young children.

Building confidence

The self-confidence enhances us to respond to the difficulties with resilience. By encouraging the kids, motivating them with constant support, the children build confidence in the very early stages of their life. This brings a positive thought in the young minds and they grow a sense of security and trust which allows the children to feel safe to explore in this environment.

Everyone has the capacity of resilience and are capable enough to work it throughout our lives. The parent is the most important character in building resilience and self-esteem in children and their lives. Together with the support of family, external factors, each parent can boost your kid’s resilience and self-confidence through daily interactions and imitations.

Building self-esteem and resilience in children.


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