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What Are Some of the Benefits of Employee Work Motivation?

What Are Some of the Benefits of Employee Work Motivation

Running a business can be an extremely difficult experience. You have tons of things to think about and work on. This is when coming up with ways to motivate employees would be best. That helps them give their best in their work efforts.

Make your employees to think out of the box

As an owner of a business, you need to make your employees to think out of the box. This way, they can produce the kind of results that you want. Critical thinking is one of the crucial factors for the success of any firm or business.

A merchant name Jimmy had to give a moneylender Sammy lot of money. As time flew by, Jimmy had to give back the money he owned to the moneylender. Jimmy had a pretty, but intelligent daughter.

Seeing her father very tensed and upset, she enquired from him, what is the matter? Sammy told Jimmy that if he failed to return his money, he would have no choice, but to marry his beautiful daughter.

Since Sammy was money-minded and not a man of well repute, Jimmy was in a big dilemma. Luckily, Sammy suggested he would forgo the condition if he could answer the riddle he would ask him.

On the ground, there were white and black pebbles. Sammy took, one black and one white pebble. If Jimmy could choose the right pebble, he would forgive him otherwise he would marry his daughter.

Jimmy’s daughter noticed that Sammy had taken two black pebbles. She accidentally touched his hand, making the pebble to fall out from his right hand. She told Sammy to show the other hand so that they can find out the color of the pebble.

He had no other choice, but to oblige. Jimmy wrote off the loan amount. Both the father and daughter went home free. As you can see, in life we are faced with situations where we have to make quick decisions, which can save our lives.

This is when your creative thinking comes to play. So, encourage your employees to think out of the box and come up with creative ideas. You never know where those ideas can take you to. Hard work and determination are crucial for survival, but so is creativity.

How your employees can see opportunities through obstacles?

opportunities through obstacles
As a business owner, you must also ensure that you teach your employees the ability to see through obstacles placed in their way. Many years ago, a king ruled his kingdom. He always wanted to know things and find out about his subjects, if they were happy or not.

Apart from that, he wanted to know if they had the right attitude in life to be able to survive. He placed a huge boulder in the middle of the road. The king then hid nearby to make sure that somebody who has the courage and patience to move it aside.

One by one, his citizens came around and walked on. Nobody attempted to move the boulder aside. This made the king angry. He was about to give up on his subjects. A peasant came around with a basket of vegetables.

When he saw the huge boulder, he placed his basket aside and made an effort to move the big stone. After multiple efforts, he was finally able to move the huge boulder. What the peasant saw made him very surprised.

He saw several gold coins next to it. There was also a note present from the king, which said, “It is the reward for the individual who moves the boulder.” Normally, when people are faced with minor or major problems, the initial instinct is to run away from it.

However, when they decide to make an effort to push aside the obstacle, they can experience the rich rewards of it. They do not realize that the obstacle was meant to be present there to help learn or understand something important in life.

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