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Millennials Should Join Hands And Be The Change

Millennials Be The Change

Millennials, also called as Gen Y, or generation Y are the ones between generation X and Z, typically born in the 1980’s. Being one of them, I have got the best of both the worlds – the melodies of old times and the technological innovation of the new times. And there are few strong reasons why I think Millennials Should Join Hands And Be The Change.

The communication and digital era started just then, we have seen it grow over the years. We can go back to old ways – like the paper, analog cameras, telegram and letters, and adjust ourselves to the new computer epoch where everything travels fast, be it a letter or car. We have coped up well with the changing times and I see that neither the generation X nor the generation Z could adjust to this in the way we have. The X’s are too traditional and the Z’s seem to be too modern. We are the ones who juxtapose both.

Well, we have certainly become old millennials after the GenZ took over, but have you thought of what would come after generation Z? What would the next generation be called?

We are in the 21st century and the iGeneration seems to be a know-it-all one. Certainly, there are apps for everything – Google, Tinder, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, telegram, InShorts etc… This generation is adept in all technological advancements and keeps everything in their fingertips. They don’t have to move around to get any work done. All that’s needed is the smartphone!


Be the Change

Is there anything left to discover after generation Z?

I can think of a few advancements in technology that are in the making now. For example, let’s say we are in the world of 7G right now. In the future, data could travel faster than that and probably when we are on the moon as well. It could be possible that all of us can view the moon just like we view the oceans while crossing them on our way across.

It is also possible that we see more life on planets other than earth. The earth is completely cashed in, there might be nothing else left to exploit or use and people would start exploring more. As they say, “necessity is the mother of inventions”. And the rising population and lifestyle demands might lead to the discovery of another planet, far away from the earth where another life could start. Not just Mars, of course – it may be a totally new galaxy, beyond the space that we know of today!

The generation Z’s successors could be called the generation S, and would probably explore space and extra-terrestrial objects. On a more serious note, the new smarter generation would have the knowledge of X + Y + Z and their own.

Millennials Be The Change

Maybe the S’s would use this knowledge and intellect to find solutions to the water problems that we have today. And deal with the climate change that will be more apparent in the coming years.

Perhaps, the S’s would learn from the mistakes of their ancestors and be more merciful towards nature – the plants, land and sea animals and many more innocent beings, and use the resources available to them prudently. Now we can see and understand why millennials should join the hands and be the change.

How should the millennials age?

The millennials or digital natives as we are, have enough for our survival, are financially sound & independent and are able to plan for the future. This should make us more socially responsible citizens. And as we have defined the change and knit together the baby boomers and the iGeneration. We possess the valuable values of GenX to be passed on to GenZ, which will otherwise be lost.

Come on Gen Y, let’s join hands to be the prominent millennials and act now to save our future generations! So we can clearly see that millennials should join the hands and be the change.




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