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Successful Story Of a Hong Kong Person

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Successful Story Of a Hong Kong Person

“If life is playing with you, then it is your time to play with life”

Who knew that this one line would forever change a life, a life that had little value amongst the millions in the country and billions amongst the world? But it did! It changed an ordinary teen who was lost in the lifecycle and its ongoing games and traumatized to the core but also stifled throughout his childhood. That one thing, one thing happened and that led him on the path to success.

This story is about Mr Chang Li, the business tycoon who is not only known in Hong Kong but all over the world. He is not only known for his Business Acumen and Philanthropy but also for his down to earth personality. His USD $30 Billion conglomerate has business all aboard, spreading to Asia, Europe and Africa continents with businesses of construction, plastics, chemicals, retail chains, Bank, etc. The journey to this Gigantic Empire was laid on the foundation of extreme hardships and undying will.

When he was a child, he had to face many financial hardships. His lower-middle-class family had five children, which was the sole reason of his parents had a tough time feeding and educating them. He was bullied by his classmates for his torn clothes and weak physique. His parents had frequent fights which affected him emotionally. Somehow, he completed his high school but had to leave his study and work, to support his parents and four siblings.  He went to work at a construction site. The hard labour brought in severe pressure on his weak body but his strong mind didn’t let the same bother his body and heart. He was removed by his boss for a small mistake, and that was where his life turned around.

Chang met a man who had a small business in Hong Kong. The man said to him “If life is playing with you, then it is your time to play with life”. This man was a small trader who taught him trading and it was where he got started. With little savings and rock hard determinations, Chang moved to Hong Kong and started trading for construction materials and paints, trading them to construction sites. That was the time when the construction of buildings was booming. He used to visit different cities and sometimes other provinces of China for the purchase of best price raw materials and sale of those materials to the construction firms at a competitive rate.

As he bought them at the lowest possible prices, he still made high profits selling them at normal market rates. As time went by, he got some experience, where he saw an underlying benefit and opportunities for expanding his business. He accumulated all his savings and took loans from friends and banks. He invested the money in a phased manner in the only thing he had and that was his business which he wanted to expand it. The small business became a mid-sized company growing popular in Hong Kong. He then started investing in the Construction Companies and gradually owned a majority stake in the construction company. He further expanded his business to the whole of China and also forayed into other ventures like Production of Chemicals, plastics and got into retail and Banking Services. As he kept succeeding, he expanded his business into Asia, Europe and Africa.

One should know when to stop

Chang is a Man full of Vision and action. His exceptional skills which understood and used the booming industry environment and accordingly invested in the same, which in turn helped him carve a niche for in the Business world. A man with just high school knowledge was creating wonders with his leadership and vision. Having said this, it doesn’t mean he never failed in any business. His Airline and hospitality business was about to have a downfall but thanks to his instincts and clear visions as regard the strategically managing the business which gave him a clear idea as regards when to exit a business, he didn’t suffer heavy losses.

As he rightly said,” One should know when to stop“. Still, there were businesses which failed to make a mark and got shut. He credits his failures became hard lessons which kept him on his toes. One may often spot him on philanthropy events as he donated more than half of his wealth to philanthropy. A man with so many feathers on his cap, but still wore a USD $ 200 suit and a USD $ 100 citizen watch. Arising from the humble road he went through he wished that no person should be kept away from education and opportunities. He believes in providing equal opportunities to all and strives for the same through his work for the society.

no person should be kept away from education and opportunities

Chang has retired and now stays in a small villa in Fujian as he wants to relive the moments of his childhood experiencing the things he wanted to get, back before. He still has the same weak physique with a simple personality. But his strong will and great vision are what that made him truly great!


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