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15 Ways to make people like you.

people like you

15 Ways to make people like you

You know we are living in a world where everyone desires to be wanted and liked. But being liked is not easy as you need to have such type of personality that people like to be around you. And so, we are here to make it easy for you with some simple tricks and changes to be made in your personality.

1. Always Ask Questions

In this world, everyone wants to feel knowledgeable and when you ask questions they get a chance to showcase their knowledge. Also, it is human nature to help others and when someone seeks their help, they tend to like them more and provide them with the best answers.

2. Be Straight Forward but not Rude

Many of us are having a characteristic of being straight forward and there is no harm in that but being rude and blunt at the same time is surely an issue. So, before you say something always keep your tone, intentions and body language in mind.

3. your Time Selflessly

People tend to like those who are always open and free for them. Give attention to others selflessly and genuinely. Be available to help others without thinking of any personal benefits.

4. Be Attentive while Listening

While talking to others always be attentive and pay attention to every small bit, as it impresses them when you listen and remember every single word they said.Ways to people like you

5. Listen to others

Though people like talkative individuals, sometimes it is good to be a patient listener. Humans like those who listen to them when they need someone badly during their good or bad phases of life. Showing interest in what they say is also important to win hearts.

6. Take Care of people around you

When someone cares about you, you feel wanted and those who want you, you always like them. So take care of people around you and be concerned about them, as they like it. But keep in mind not to be possessive or treating them like some sensitive glass piece.

7. Be a Jokester

In a life full of stress, humans like to be around people who make them laugh with jokes and humor and make them feel relaxed. Living beings admire and like to be around people who have a carefree approach to life. And if you are not a jokester then be someone who sees humor easily and laughs easily, as those who always smile are loved.

8. Share your problems

Not to everyone but to whom you trust, share your problems, as it will make them feel important and needed and as I said earlier people like those who make them feel valued.

9. Be an easy-going one

Though it is difficult, be an easy going person and not a pushy one. This means don’t push your preferences on others and try to be comfortable with everything. As you too will like someone who is, more adjusting in nature with situations and less grumpy.

10. Don’t be perfect, admit weaknesses

There is no harm in admitting your weaknesses as no human on this earth is born perfect. Give chance to others to correct you, as this will make them feel confident. People like to come for aid to others so give them that chance.

11. Be Humble

Always be humble and thankful to others for their help, as it makes them feel that they have done nothing wrong by assisting and saving you. And as everyone wishes to be respected, so always respect others keeping your ego and attitude aside.

12.Body Language

Your body language and tone is one of the most important things in your personality, so always be careful with these two. Your body language should sync with your words, as it shouldn’t confuse others, leaving space for any miscommunication. Because you know people want to be around sorted, souls. Also, don’t assert any kind of dominance or rudeness with your body language.

13. Motivate others

Boost and motivate others whenever you see them falling down. As they like to be around those who help them grow and move forward in life without losing hope. Motivation and confidence is something people want time to time, so be their source, and they will appreciate it.Motivate others

14. Don’t forget to dress well

Your looks are also important as it is the first thing people see and get attracted to you. So dress well! Dress according to the image you want people to have in their minds for you. Also, don’t ignore the basic rules of hygiene.

15. Know Your Audience

Approach people who are like you, as it will be easy for you to attract them towards you. When you are around people who are somewhat like you, you will be left with lesser space for fakeness.

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