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4 steps to go from Poor to Rich

4 steps to go from Poor to Rich
4 steps to go from Poor to Rich

We all want to be rich. Is that possible?

Is there any shortcut available to cruise on the Rich-Fabulous-Highway?  Are all Rich people traditionally Rich?  Is there any IRON-WALL that prevents a common man from becoming rich?

What is the secret behind becoming a Rich Man or Women?

In this present world, we have business legends like Steve Jobs of Apple, Jack Ma of Ali Baba, Richard Branson of Virgin Air, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, and Bill Gates of Microsoft. We have also famous Indians like Ratan Tata, Ambani brothers, Mittal family, Godrej Family etc…

For multi milliners, there is no gender discrimination at all!

Here look all these ladies; they are all stunning stars of the billionaires club. Mary Barra of General Motors, Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo, Sheryl Sanbeg of Facebook, Ginni Rometty of IBM, Meg Whitman of HP.

Become Rich
Become Rich

How to become Rich or a Billionaire?

First thing is to analyse where in life you are now. Anybody can become a rich man or women, but you have to have ambition and the strongest will to achieve it.

To get started do the following:

  1. Identify your strength?-

It may be education, family upbringing, good connections, your skill, property or other wealth and so on.

  1. Think about whether you are a person who is willing to take risks

Tin the business world there is no predicting whether you will definitely succeed and strike gold or not.

There are 4 factors that help you to become Rich.

  1. The first opportunity should be yours. The Situational Transformation.

Once a small boat owner used to ferry passengers himself and earn his living. One day a big storm crashed all his dreams and he lost his boat. He slowly came to terms with what had happened and tried to sell the totally damaged boat as scrap material. When he was able to sell it he realized that the scrap market held a lot of potentials to make money. He decided to take a shot at it. He collected 3 or 4 damaged boats from nearby places, turned them into scrap and sold them in the market. Now he is the owner of a big company that sells scraps of huge Ships, not just Small boats!

This is called the Situational Transformation. Even if you face a big failure you can convert it into a new success story.

  1. You have to convince yourself first. Make your own belief and your product powerful

In the field of Business uniqueness always get noticed. Even if you are just a manager you can sell a product or service if you have the skill and the mind to deliver quality. Anybody can make a Pen, but how Pilot or Faber Castel differ is that they focus on quality. That means you have to be so firm and convinced about your ideas.

  1. 24 X 7 research minded person.

Even a ‘Channa masala’ street seller thinks of unique ways daily, to sell his wares. For any business to succeed, studying the market and staying ahead of the competition is very necessary. Always be prepared to adapt to changing market conditions with alacrity.

Poor to Rich
steps to go from Poor to Rich
  1. Money follows money and Success follows your hard work

For most businesses, capital investment is necessary. Try to raise it from your own sources like family, cousins and friends. Use the money you so collect only for the business and make sure you do not waste a single Penny on any type of celebration or purchase of luxury items until you become stable. Only take a small amount, just what is absolutely essential as remuneration for yourself.

Business always captured in the Open market

Use our own sources for publicity (could not understand the meaning) and create a brand for your product with pride. Do not be shy to sell your product even if its just a Piece of Paper.

A Rich person will always be rich. Why?

A Rich man’s world is a superhighway. There is a prescribed speed to be adhered to. When you enter that highway, within no-time you have to accelerate to that minimum speed limit. Only your confidence in yourself and your product, and your experience will let you drive on that road. Be sure to continuously better your speed else others will whizz past.


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