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Healthy Foods To Be Carried With You While Travelling

Healthy Food
Healthy Foods To Be Carried With You While Travelling

Healthy Foods To Be Carried With You While Travelling

When it comes to thinking about “healthy food while traveling”– you may feel confused. The good news is, whether you are traveling for work, vacation, or abroad, there are a number of simple but effective strategies that will help you continue to eat healthy while traveling to maintain balance and reduce stress.

We may be confused about what needs to be done before going, how to prepare, and what to do during the trip to make healthy eating simple and easy. what can and cannot be done through airport security, what tools are useful for packing, and all the right places to go.

Because your “trip” might look different depending on the destination, you might choose to adjust this strategy to eat  “healthy food while traveling” based on whether you will fly, stumble, ride the bus … or do all three.


You can easily pick up various items that are easily damaged and not easily spoiled with you depending on the length of your trip, and how much space you have to pack food. This can easily go with you in the car, and you can bring a lot of food with you in your suitcase, or take it directly through security.

Foods that are easily damaged:

For perishable foods, take a cooler or cooler “shoulder” bag along with an ice gel package to keep food cool during your travel time. When flying, if you are not sure whether your ice source is security-friendly, take a large ziplock bag and get ice.

Prefer to take an electric cooler along with you in the car, which were connected to a car or electrical outlet to make it into a refrigerator on demand. To keep food fresh, it’s best to store food in a rustproof, airtight  Plastic container or BPA-free plastic that can pack tightly into the space you have.

Choice of perishable foods for travel:

Vegetables such as carrots and broccoli are thrown with olive oil or dipped in almond butter

Pre-cooked baked sweet potatoes

Single guacamole serving package

Sliced raw milk cheese

Salad ready to use (yes, you can get this through security by dressing!)

For long flights, prepare food to take home. Dry food is very welcome to carry around, so take as much as you need. Pack a large salad with meat (pre-dressed with my favourite olive oil) to eat on the plane during meal times. This means we are usually full and happy until we settle into our destination.

Foods that are not easily damaged

Packaged foods or foods that do not need cooling immediately make extraordinary food and snacks, especially when spending time abroad or working long hours away from the hotel to work. You can pack this large amount of food into your suitcase, and take what you want in a carry-on to use immediately.

The choice of food “does not need a refrigerator” is friendly for travel:

Jerky-like Epic Bars or CHOMPS

Bars like RXBAR, Larabars, or Simple Squares

Nuts and seeds (or trail mixes made previously)

Dried or freeze-dried fruit (dried mango chips or apples)

An individual package of almond butter or coconut butter

Individual coconut oil package

Fresh fruits like apples, bananas, avocados or oranges

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