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Why I Love having money – How Money Makes You Happy?

I Love having money

Why I love having money? You must have heard the phrase many times in the course of life. However, have you done something that makes you happy with money. That brings us to the phrase; money cannot keep you comfortable and content.

Our lifestyle sends us in two directions. The first direction is that money is everything. The celebrity lifestyle, rich people, Wall Street greed, the twist of jealousy in our stomachs when we see people living the high and enjoyable life.

This brings us to the second direction, which is entirely opposite. In the direction, money takes you on the path of destruction. You would have seen families broken due to a sudden increase in wealth.

It is a never-ending cycle. Let us take a look at why I love having money for happiness. Though you can find tons of content on money, it is safe to say that money is the most misunderstood commodity in the world.

You have financial consultants, financial courses, and even funds for taking a plunge. Sadly, they all tend to miss out on when it comes to the main topic, money so, why is money so important, and how you can understand it better.

Why you need money?

If you look at the definition of money, it is a medium of getting what you want. In the olden days, when there was currency, citizens of countries did what was known as the barter system. In this system, they exchanged goods or products with each other.

I Love having money

Luckily, with the developments happening around us, the currency was designed by several countries. The most valuable among them is the dollar US. We are coming back to our main topic. Why I love having money?

No matter whether you feel that money is good or evil, you can agree on the fact that money is essential. Hence, dismissing money as not required can be a big mistake. You see, it is about having what you want, not wanting what you have got.

Some people are happy with what they have. They prefer having a simple home, food, clothing, and car. Unlike them, some people want to push the envelope further and want to achieve greatness, having all the goods in life.

Having said that, people who are simplistic tend to hounded by the fact that they can face uncertainties like financial trouble. Hence, they push themselves to work harder so that they enjoy the same comforts as their wealthy neighbors.

This is human nature, and when you get surrounded by rich folks, you too want to have the same luxurious life. Can money keep you happy? According to market research, people who have more money tend to be satisfied with themselves.

Apart from that, when people make their own money through entrepreneurship, they are more satisfied with their lives. Money cannot buy you contentment, but it can open doors where the going may seem impossible.

Not to mention, it can create opportunities for you anywhere you will. It gives you the good things in a platter. Money can save your life as well as somebody whom you love. You need to decide if money is the most critical priority in your life.

Why is money an essential tool?

Money is a means to meet ends, I suppose. What we are trying to say is that money is everything. You cannot survive without it. This is a tool that helps you to protect yourself for giving you a better life.

It means that you will not become homeless and can take care of yourself. You do not have to depend on your parents, partner, or anybody for money. You are employed, having wealth to keep yourself sustainable.

I Love having money

Importance of having financial freedom

Since we now know about money, let us take a look at financial freedom. What is the use of having financial freedom? You can have financial freedom with money. It gives you control over your life.

You have the freedom to make your path in life. This gives less financial constraints to make choices. You will be lying if you are happy with your job, your salary, your life. Then what can you do about it?

When you have money, you can give the best for your kids. You can provide them with the best education, the best health care, and everything good in life. When you have sufficient money, you do not have to worry about what you are going to do tomorrow.

It is an essential commodity because you do not have to worry about your next move in life continually. As you can see, financial freedom is crucial element of life. Without it, you may not get the things that you want in life.

Yes, money moves the world around. Having said that, money cannot make you content when your requirements keep increasing with each passing day. When your needs keep going higher and higher, you most probably cannot remain content in life.

You will be stuck on a treadmill in life. Luckily, you can control your growth and your inflation. You can indeed step out of the treadmill and live something called life. The best way to do that would be to set priorities and decide how much is enough.

I Love having money

In conclusion

It is evident that money can make your life happy. But that does not mean it makes you happy, but it sadly does as it can take care of your bills, which leaves you with time for your loved ones. Otherwise, you have to be struggling out there to make your ends meet.

It serves as a means for ensuring that you can pursue your dreams. Finally, it is a security asset. This protects you from bad health, makes sure that you are safe. The powerful commodity can make a difference in this world.

Not to mention, it can be used for charitable purposes too.

We hope we were able to justify why I love having money?

It is up to you to think how much money you want and how much is enough. When you do that, you should make sure that it is the extent you mustn’t cross over. This probably is the ideal method to ensure that money can keep you happy.


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