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This is the story of a Dr. Narpatsingh Rajput who is also a social worker.

Dr. Narpatsingh Rajput

Dr. Narpatsingh Rajput was born on the 27th of July 1986 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. His parents belonged to a small town in Rajasthan named Jalore, Chora. His father BhavaniSingh Rajput was a middle-class businessman and had his business settled on the outskirts of Mumbai which were not very developed at that time. Just like most classic Indian families, Narpatsingh was raised in a middle-class family. After doing high school at Mumbai’s Holy Chross school and his intermediate from Abhinav Vidyamandir Narpatsingh began generating interest in the medical line specifically in dental health and hygiene. Taking this interest forward in life he enrolled in BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery), an undergraduate course at Shree Balaji dental college in the year 2004, this college was situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

When he first reached Chennai there were several obstacles that he has to go through some of them were the cultural differences and language barriers that he faced for a significant period as a native of the Maharashtra region and despite being raised there, Narpatsingh after two years became fluent in the Tamil language. He didn’t let the language barrier stop him from learning and adapting to the local environment.

After dedicating five years to BDS(Bachelor of Dental Surgery) he completed his undergraduate course around 2008. It was then only Narpatsingh began practicing his medical skills as a consultant in dental healthcare hospitals which is a necessary part of any medical-oriented student. During this practice period, he came across his idol and mentor named Dr. Murli, he was an orthodontist in one of the clinics in which Narpatsingh used to practice consulting. He worked under Dr. Murli as a consultant for about two and a half years. During this practice period, Narpatsingh got a lot to learn about medical practices and began generating keen interest in becoming a periodontist, the one who treats gums.

In total, he was connected with about 23 clinics which included some hospitals. He began unfolding the pleasure of helping people through consulting and direct engagement with them.

It was in the year 2010 that Narpatsingh completed his dental practices and decided to pursue MDS (Masters of Dental Surgery) with the ideology to continue his interest in the field of dental health and become a periodontist. After completing his post-graduation of MDS in the year 2013, he settled in Chennai itself and stayed there for some time. Later in 2013, his concern for his parents began to grow and he decided to move back to his hometown Mumbai, Maharashtra and took a job as a dental gum consultant. When he came back to Mumbai he noticed that there are not many changes in the living conditions of the people as there were not so many clinics around also.

Narpatsingh began to think of a solution for the same after a lot of thinking and detailed analysis he decided to open a dental hospital inclined to dental hygiene in his birthplace only.Many people suggested him to drop the idea of opening a dental hygiene clinic on Mira road as this was among some of the underdeveloped parts of Mumbai and he won’t be able to generate profits but Narpatsingh had made up his mind to solve this problem of his people that have to travel a long distance for the treatment and chose people’s welfare above profits. Narpatsingh always looked forward to his father as the idol of his life who has an ideology to benefit people and contribute to society as much as possible.

On June 16, 2013, with the combined efforts of his people and the support of his family, Narpatsingh established “Khushi dental care” and worked as a Gum surgeon over there in this clinic he consulted the patients with the help of his medical knowledge. He expanded his team of surgeons and dental health consultants with the motto- “Divide the task and double the success”. He met people with a similar frequency that has the same thinking as he incorporated. As of today, Narpat Singh has a team of 14 doctors that work with him to treat patients that require dental health treatments. One of his regular patients in Lion’s Club gave him the idea to join these social welfare clubs that focus on the betterment of society and helping underprivileged people that are declined due to many factors.

The near end of 2013, Narpatsingh joined some social welfare clubs such as Lion’s club and Soul club which operated locally with the only idea to contribute to the betterment of society and help as many people as possible. He and his team began providing free consultancy for old age homes, special children schools, and various NGOs that dealt with contributing to the social cause. Regular free checkups, medication, and treatment were made complementary to these private and social welfare organizations. While working with these community service organizations he got to learn about the less or no awareness among people related to dental health and hygiene. So he decided to spread as much awareness as possible to ensure that people get proper treatment rather than just being under-treated.

Also, Narpatsingh is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who loves to devote his efforts to new ventures and help growing startups flourish and bloom. He is also a member of BNI (Bussiness Network International) which is a special kind of organization that deals with the network of various kinds of businesses. Being a proud member of this organization, Narpatsingh is entitled to help other businesses that are under the umbrella of a network of businesses. This is something that most of us want to accommodate. He also helps small-scale businesses to keep up with the competition by giving them appropriate mentorship and networks that help them grow.

As of today, Narpatsingh has established another branch of his dental clinic which is also a part of his community welfare work as he provides free medication and consultancy to financially weak people. Narrating looks forward with a bright aim to establish a medical college for dental health in Mira road, his birthplace only so that more people can be educated about dental health and hygiene and the society could receive good doctors like Dr. Narpatsingh Rajput.


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