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Is the Earth Healing Due to the Virus?

the earth healing due to the virus

Is the Earth Healing Due to the Virus?


It the virus actually healing the earth as human lives are being lost. Well, you can see the answer to that question from two angles. One would be from the earth point of view. The other would be from a human perspective.

In this post, we would like to understand how the earth is healing due to the lockdown that has happened due to the virus. According to studies, humans can benefit through this shortly and the respite received by the environment.

Like the saying, every cloud has a silver lining; it is probably the same that is happening here. The environment is benefiting from it massively. Thanks to the relentless exploitation and degradation over the last few years.

How is the earth healing due to the virus?

It is quite apparent that the earth is healing due to the virus in many ways. Over the last few years, many scientists and environmentalists have expressed their concern about global warming.

Temperatures are rising in many countries globally, and worse of all is that Iceland is witnessing its icebergs disappearing rapidly. Something had to be done. Maybe the earth God heard the prayers and decided to bring the virus.

The origination of the virus has been debatable until now. We are not sure if it is from the animal or humanmade. Anyways, the virus is very much among our midst, and people of all ages are suffering and dying.

But, we will see how mother nature and earth is benefitting through this lockdown as it is known worldwide. Due to the global lockdown, the universe is benefitting immensely as she is able to get back to how she was.

The air we breathe was getting polluted to such harmful levels, that people had to wear masks worldwide. In some countries, the levels of pollution were too high and poisonous due to automobiles, factories, carbon emission, and aeroplanes.

Not to mention, we also used to dirty the environment with plastic and other forms of garbage that is very bad for nature. The oceans were getting polluted and damaged the eco-system too.

In other words, the greenhouse effects were too much for the earth to bear and keep up with. We humans need to realize one fact, that if we are to live on earth, then must take care of her. When we do not, then the temperature and pressure can too high for us to handle.

the earth healing due to the virus

It is delightful to see animals world over roaming around on the streets and relaxing. Yes, we humans have encroached their areas and habitats. For example, due to settlements on the land, animals have to look for settling elsewhere.

You can see the pictures on social media where the clouds lighted up with stars. We did not know that they even existed in many numbers. Thanks to pollution, they were not visible. We can also see some rare species of an animal coming out from their hiding spots for several decades as of now.

The flora appears to be greener than ever before. It usually is brown and dirty. Thanks to the gentle rains, the landscape looks glistering and freshen up. Not to mention, when the carbon emission levels are higher, plants will not be able to provide sufficient oxygen for humans to breathe.

The complete lockdown of the aviation industry means that there are no airplanes at sight. They are all based on the ground. This has caused a decrease in the carbon emission levels giving us clean air to breathe.

One can say that this is a learning experience for rulers globally. The environmentalist must appreciate the current situation and perform more studies and research on the lockdown. The behavior of the public has been good so far.

Research can come up with instant solutions when conditions get worse, and you actually require a similar ideology. It is necessary because lockdown cannot ensure complete success even though taken seriously by citizens of the globe.

As you can see, this is a very delicate relationship that we have with our eco-system and must ensure that we cherish it. The way we live our lives can alter the composition of the atmosphere for the benefit of it.

Not to mention, it helps us to achieve the conditions needed for us to survive. You need to know that our environment and the whole system are linked together.

the earth healing due to the virus

What are the negative aspects of the virus to man?

Having said that, there are also some negative aspects of the virus that is affecting humanity severely. The first one being thousands of deaths globally. It is simple; we did not prepare ourselves adequately. Humanity is known for is marvelous discoveries in different fields, but this virus has dented that ability of ours in a horrible way.

Secondly, millions of people have become unemployed now throughout the world. Notably, the travel industry has been affected. Thirdly, racism has increased against Asians, in many countries around the globe.

So, these were some of the negative aspects towards humans when compared to earth. In one way, we humans deserve it. Humans have often taken mother earth for granted and used her resources; this is her way of giving it back to us, gently.


Yes, the answer to is the earth healing due to the virus is, yes. The earth is, indeed, healing at a fast rate. The animals in the forest are on the streets and roads. Sea animals like fish and turtles are breeding rapidly underwater.

The environment cannot look better than this with a closedown of factories, aeroplanes, and automobiles. The air we breathe has become fresh, the sky is more transparent, and urban wildlife is seeing a massive revival of sorts.

This kind of rejuvenation of our planet comes as a time when we want to admire its beauty and do everything in our power to cherish it forever. At the same time, we have to do our best and forget the pains that we are facing at this time.

When we ultimately are able to break this pandemic, we must do our best to give a break to the environment, at least.



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