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Some Unexpected Guests In The Café

Some Unexpected Guests In The Café my coffee talks
Some Unexpected Guests In The Café my coffee talks

It was an amazing evening with a fresh breeze. The month of November takes a beautiful cool atmosphere. The atmosphere itself is enough to fill you with love and beautify you with a natural calm smile. The evening was amazingly calm and I was busy reading my book in the café, as there was not so much rush in the café that day.

In that calmness, I heard the voice of a child. The voice of children always amazes us and makes us smile. It is a psychological fact that the human brain reacts fastest when it receives the vibes of the voice of any child. So I also peeped out of my book, on hearing that attractive voice.

What, I noticed was that there were two children, a boy and a girl of the almost same age. They came hand in hand, in the café. I gave the menu card and asked for their order. They ordered a Cappuccino  and a cupcake.

On the table, they were constantly fighting innocently and were enjoying their food. While they were paying the amount from their savings, I asked them about their special reason to visit the café. The boy said that it was the anniversary of his mom and dad and they met first time in this café.  So I asked where they are… The beautiful girl replied, “They are at God’s home to buy us a big dollhouse when we will be grown up.”

I was speechless… and amazed with the love their eyes. A smile was the only reaction, I could give.

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