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How to Set Realistic Goals for Yourself in New Year 2019?

Set Yourself Realistic Goals for the New Year 2019
Set Yourself Realistic Goals for the New Year 2019

That time of the year has come, when you conduct the same ritual out of habit. You make New Year resolutions, most of which you discard on the very first day of the New Year. If you plan to do that next year, then you need to ask yourself, why not set realistic goals for the New Year.

These things happen, which is why we have come up with compelling and useful pointers to help set realistic goals and more importantly those that you will achieve.Realistic Goals

Are you realistic about your goals?

The first thing to do when setting goals is to ask yourself, are you really going to do your best. Half-baked intentions never see the light of day. These could be anything like losing weight, stopping smoking or drinking or succeeding in a professional or personal goal.

The best way to achieve goals is to set realistic goals and work towards them with an iron heart.

Be positive in your thinking.

First, it is your attitude that matters. When setting realistic goals, you need to keep telling yourself that, you can achieve them come what may. This is when, your attitude will either help you or work against you.

Remember, the hare and tortoise story.

Value your failures as they come

There is no harm failing once or even several times. As the saying goes, ‘failure is the stepping stone to success.’ You can talk to any successful entrepreneur, and he/she will tell you about the importance of failure.

Nobody succeeds in the first try. If you love to eat KFC, then you will be surprised to learn that he started his venture when he was more than 65.

Give some time for yourself too.

Sometimes we all get so caught up in we are doing that we fail to take good care of ourselves. By ourselves, I mean taking care of your health, your body; your overall self. It is all right, to make some time every day or every week for yourself.

 Do you feel like putting things off for tomorrow?

The month of January is an excellent time to change your thinking, discard bad situations and negative people, and build positive energy. When you look around and see successful people, it is because they set goals and worked towards them.

The whole idea of setting goals for the New Year is to be able to achieve most of them. When you want to change yourself or see changes in the way you do things, then you should be ready to do them.

Conclusion         Realistic Goals

Remember, unless the start to the New Year is good, the ending will not be good. Hence, it is imperative that you put your best foot forward and make a big impression on yourself, your family, and your friends.

Only when you do that, the chance of achieving your goals set for the New Year becomes a possibility. Whether they are short-term or long-term goals, they help you move forward.

So get going! Give your best shot in 2019! Happy New Year!


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