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When parent become partner’s – life turns to be beautiful

When parent become partner’s – life turns to be beautiful

The key to a successful childhood is the involvement of the parent. It is said that son becomes his father’s friend when he outgrows his father’s shoulder and so as the same with mother and daughter.

Parents should never be like a crime partner to their child, but they should be a good mentor, guide and friend in each every stage of their life.

Now when we say that parents can be partners with their children, but they should also know where to draw the line in their relationship. The parent should never make the child as a close friend because the kids are not emotionally, psychologically mature enough. The parent should strike a wonderful relationship with their kids but at the same time parent should never say everything they have in their heart to their children. The parent should never think to raise their child in a way they wanted their parent to raise them when they were at their age.

Many parents from prior generation might not agree on the concept of being friendly with their children. Being only as a parent to the children might not help with the 21st century. We need to get down to their level, view the world through their eyes and from their point of view. So it is advisable to be as the partner with our kids and not to be as an unapproachable force.


When parent become partner’s – life turns to be beautiful

A parent should move away from the concept of punishing their child for their mistakes. Just remember that punishment is not only the way to raise discipline in kids. Instead, raise the child with love and motivate them from doing good things. The mistake which is corrected by the affection, love is more effective and permanent than the one obtained from the fear of punishment.

It is significant if the kids are allowed to learn from making mistakes so that they would not repeat the same. The parent should not be a one to whom the children get scared. Instead, create a friendly atmosphere with the children at whom which generate a great bond between you and your child.  When a parent becomes partners to their child and treat the kids as our friends, and show them due to love and give respect to the kids, we gain respect.

Treat every kid with love and affection; spend time with the children, and have passion with the abilities and their temporary inabilities as of their size and age, have some tolerance for high creative far beyond imagination and questions they ask. The kids are more eager to know about the outer world, they throw a series of questions, and even for some we might not know the answer. Answer them, create positive inner sense, develop good bonding with the kids, grow and evolve with them to make a lifelong partnership with your children.


“A child who is responsible to the society is the one who grown from good parenting.”


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