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Successful Entrepreneur

Successful Entrepreneur
Successful Entrepreneur | MyCoffeetalks

Successful Entrepreneur The business world is where busy people make their Place. Think yourself who are you.

In this fast growing world, everybody wants to be rich and comfortable. But most of us usually the habit of sitting somewhere and doing a job which can generate a partial result. Now the time has changed. Now the world is in our Palm. If you wish you can change the world. The only way is to jump into the vast sea of the business world.

Here we can look at some simple factors, which can lead you to the business world.

  1.    Need money, only the way to do business.

Some jobs are there in which risk factors will be less. But don’t expect a heavy salary. If you need money and to change your lifestyle, limited salary jobs can’t meet your desire. Here comes the importance of business and style of entrepreneurship.

  1.    Wants holidays, but nobody has Time!

Fixed salary people always have a fixed thought. For them, that is the safest method or Plan. They will not take any risk. Their holiday is also restricted up to the level of thoughts, up to how many days they got the leave and how much bulk is their money valet. But for a business-oriented person, the thought process will be totally different. He will not bother about the money which he has, but he will spend and he will earn.

  1.    Everybody wants to buy Home, Car, Bike but no way for Cash!

Normally people want to buy Cars, Flats and superbikes etc. Actually the dream all ways will be dreams. They always will think about Loans!  Always fixed income groups fell into lifelong burden only because, interest always grows than their salary.

But for a Businessperson, he will invest all his money into the business and try to double his turnover. When money comes into the bank as a flow his ability to purchase will also increase and even banks follow him for giving money!

These entire 3 situations can only be overcome by the Change of mind set.

The better life is the product of a better mind.

The success of any business is the Mind behind that. He is the person who is ready to face the uncertainty of life. He will always be in search of new things, He always will try to experiment.

Who can start a Business?

Anybody who thinks positively can start any business. Who dares to reach out to the open market can do business.

One day a job-less guy wandering in a street and in between he brought a packet of Pop Corn. Everybody buys and eats and also throws away the packets. But that guy thought in a unique way. How can I make Popcorn and sell less than the amount, now in the market?

Do you know that guy is now the business and entrepreneurial tycoon of the Middle East and he is an Indian? He has the owner of the most established Supermarket Chain in South East Asia!

That means business derives from the needs of the society. Watch them and try to experiment which are not at all common in your market.

Make things with little Investments

Another guy was there. He has some Industrial Technical knowledge.  Already their family insisted him to go for conventional jobs. But he thinks differently. He established a small unit of manufacturing Electric Stabilizer for home appliances. In the beginning, he himself made it and took his scooter and sold in the market. But eventual and gradually that becomes a hugely successful business. Now he has almost monopoly in that field.

Be a facilitator, not need big establishments.

A lot of business areas are there, where connecting factors with customers will not be available. Here comes the role of facilitators. For example, we can arrange travel facility packages connecting with tour companies. Here we don’t need even an office for that. Like hundreds of service-oriented areas are there. Find a variety of indigenous fields, there will be uniqueness, and there will not have any competitor for you.

Be always an entrepreneur, work hard.

Don’t think about time. Success will be with you.

You can enjoy even 7 days a week than anybody.


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