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Clarity is the Strong Step towards Victory

Clarity is the Strong Step towards Victory
Clarity is the Strong Step towards Victory

Clarity is the Strong Step towards Victory

As a student, we are all like a free bird! Off course we are. Every day we generate a lot of ideas and gets them from outside also. A lot of events filled with Joy and Sorrow. First and the Last thing for a student in his life is to enjoy every moment of your life. But don’t forget that you are a human being! Be cool with the situation, even if it is against your thoughts and wishes.

  1. Clear Vision makes you confident

The power of clarity is something which can’t compare with anything. Clarity is its self means clear vision about what you think or what you want to aspire. For a student like you, it is important to develop a passion for your study!

Here comes the clear vision helps you to make that passion. Be familiar with the area in which you want to study. Be attentive to the study matters and be free to ask any doubts about your subjects. Don’t be a Book Worm, and try to collect as many things on your subjects from outside the classrooms.

  1. Mind always be alert

When we get into a subject, your mind is alert. Our aim should always be clear that the subject must be familiar to us. Don’t be panic when seeing a new thing! For that prepare your mind as fresh like a clear lake. Our mind prepares us to conceive anything new, otherwise, we reject even good things. When you are going to eat a most delicious sweet which is in front of your table, at the same time you heard of an accident of your friend. What happens, even the Sweets are in front of you but your mind got upset. So mind is powerful at any time.

  1. Interactions lead to clarity

Most of us usually hesitate to interact, when we have a doubt. Firstly we have to break that Wall. That will always stand in between you and your tutor or friends. Interactions give you new ideas on the same subjects. You will be comfortable when you get a different perspective. Be patient to hear any new things and information.

  1. Dream Big

Ok, we are free birds! So the sky is even not the limit. Think positively and Dream Big. For any Dream, you should have a good state of mind. Here comes a strong platform that where you stands. That platform is always a successful education. Yes, there may be exceptions. But 99% of success comes out of strong intentions. That intention develops through education and Knowledge.

  1. Daily Routine makes you Perfect

Everyone in this world has only 24 hours in a day. A study reveals that only 2% of people are using it properly! The most famous persons have a fantastic daily routine. Then what it be like? The whole world the pattern is the same. The first thing they do is, go to bed early and gets up early. So simple to hear. But so difficult to practice. The genius people are sleeping in between 9.30 to 10 O’clock in the night. They get up early morning around 3.30 to 4 O’clock. Everybody who is successful in life says the early morning time is the only time which is totally reserved for you. Nobody will disturb you up at 6 O’clock, except your Grandma, with love!

  1. Cleanliness of Mind and Body

In our Bharatiya concept, there is a Vedic system “Sareeramadyam Khalu Dharma Sadhanam”. That means the body is the most essential part to attain good and noble action and its effects. So we have to keep our body clean. For a student like you, Laziness is the deadliest enemy of your body. In Sanskrit, it says as-Alasyam hi manushyanaam Sareerastho Mahan Ripu.

Every morning does any act which is suitable for your body. It can be a Gym, Sports or Yoga. But for Cleanliness of Mind, you can practice any meditation system. Don’t think it’s a YOGI affair. If you simply sit in a comfortable position and place and relax with breathing exercises and music, that’s all.

So friends this just a beginning Think positively and act perfectly with clear vision. Be alert like a watchdog to protect your inner strength. Success is always will be in your way.


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