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Motivation Stone Text
Motivation Stone Text

Who is the one, who doesn’t want a successful life?

Success is meant to be in the fate if you really deserve it. You may hear the people around you saying that he is lucky enough, that’s why he has got success in life. The matter of fact is…

“People can only see the big picture of success, but can never see the hard work and persistence put for that success. A beautiful building is always noticed by people but they never think about the base and the roots of it.”

We all want a successful life, but most of us don’t want to pour the sweat for it. Basically, the fact is…

“We want success, but at the cost of nothing. We want to be successful, but just by sitting carelessly on our sofa. We just want to get the benefits, but we are not ready to pay for it.”

This kind of psychology leads us to nowhere. This can happen only in the fairy tales. We are never going to get any Aladdin’s Chirag.

“Even Aladdin had to rub the Chirag for ordering something to Jinny.”

We need to take steps for being successful. First of all, we need to observe the habits of successful people and try to follow them. So, my dear friends, I will try to make a list for you in the next article. Up to then, prepare your mind to exercise hard work.

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  1. That’s true, just getting inspired sitting on the sofa won’t lead to success. One needs to work step by step. Nicely written