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Explore the world, hand in hand…

Explore the world, hand in hand…
Explore the world, hand in hand…

Explore the world, hand in hand…

Do you feel that your relationship is not as romantic and exciting as it was before? Do you often think about how you can impress your partner with new surprises every time? You sure need to spend more time with each other… no, not in any restaurant, but hand in hand, somewhere far away.

Here are a few things that can make you go hand in hand with your partner from the planning stage itself.

Make sure your partner is involved in the choice of place – admit it, only if you both agree on where to go, it will be a truly romantic and wholesome trip. If you have a place or two in mind, suggest them to your partner but not as a final decision. Convince them with valid reasons if they have a different place in mind. Choose the best option based on a fair and logical discussion rather than taking the emotional route.

Manage your schedule well – plan ahead and apply for leave accordingly. Just because your partner has been asking for a month-long vacation does not mean that you can just leave all the work you have! That could cost you dearly. Talk to your partner about how many days you can plan the vacation for. If they can take more days but you can’t, set an upper limit. Don’t stress yourself out because you want a longer vacation. You can always plan another one later!

Take care of your budget – while vacation in all likelihood will include shopping and engaging in some adventurous sports or activities, other than just relaxing on a beach, they cost money. Apart from accommodation and tickets, additional activities can cost you much, more so during peak season. Before you decide on the place, decide on the budget and the activities you are looking forward to during the vacation. This will help you set realistic goals for your vacation.

IExplore the world, hand in hand…nclude activities “not” of common interest – while this is the norm most couples often follow, sometimes it is more exciting when you don’t know much about your partner’s interests and hobbies. This is a great way to connect with them. While they enjoy their favorite sport, they will get more excited about teaching you what is so dear to them and at the same time feel a sense of accomplishment. Be interested in what they like so that they reciprocate in the same way for you.

Do some ‘out-of-the-box’ purchases for the trip – surprise your partner by wearing new attire, try something wild that can take his/her breath away and bring back memories of old times of togetherness. Even if you are a new couple, keep the passion on by doing different things and exploring more about the likes and dislikes of your partner. Gift them something different during your trip – like a couple band, propose yet again and charm them with your best fashion sense!

explore the world hand in hand

After all, love is all about feelings and bonding over new and compelling recreational action! So, stir up the freshly brewed love by adding some more sweetness through your dream trip, hand in hand.


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