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Just For Today, Be Good To Yourself

Be Good to Yourself
Be Good to Yourself MyCoffeetalks

You had another heated argument with your spouse, had a tiff with your boss at work and were surprised to find that your favorite tracksuit is not fitting anymore. We have all been there at some point in our lives, when the feeling of boredom and despair sets in when we get stuck in our lives without knowing the way back to happy land. What’s the best way forward to get beyond such bouts of self-recrimination?

Instead of taking an indifferent approach in tough times, it’s advisable to practice self-compassion for a happy and pleasant outlook. Read on to find HOW:

Be Good To Yourself

1. STOP Overthinking right NOW

Do you find yourself ruminating (revising the same episode over and over again in your mind) about things that occurred in the past. Or do you read too much into situations or happenings or spend too much time in your head trying to make up your mind about something? If yes, you are likely over thinking things and it is detrimental to your emotional well-being. Try to catch yourself if you are doing any of these and instead ground yourself by focusing your attention on actually listening to the person you are presently with or observing the environment you are in.

Sure, we become what we think about the most. But always realise that just like excess of anything is bad, too much thinking can backfire too. Limit your thinking to specific moments when it is really needed. Try to let go of all your thoughts about yesterday or tomorrow.

2.Live in the Present and STOP procrastinating

You might have a suffered a great deal in the past or might have grandiose goals to achieve in the future, but genuinely enjoy the present moment. Appreciate and be thankful that you are alive, NOW. If you are listening to music, reading your favourite book or on a cruise with your family-just be there, Right now, at that very moment non-judgmentally. Practice mindfulness, it can do wonders in your life.

The age-old practice involves focusing all your attention, on purpose, in the present moment so that you are better able to understand and take control over your behaviour. This will lead to an internal value system which in turns gives you self-confidence, satisfaction and an inner sense of calm. So, are you with me?

Procrastination Cycle

3.Have a GOOD Night’s SLEEP

We all agree that adequate sleep is important to/for our overall happiness and well-being. Feeling well rested is essential in keeping your energy levels balanced throughout the day, which affects your emotional temperament and mood.  Make sure you get eight hours of quality sleep every day, preferably at the same time every day.

4.GET OUT of your Comfort Zone to rekindle your brain

It is highly likely that you are unhappy and bored because of your monotonous routine. This maybe because you are either afraid to try something new or are imagining the worst case scenario in case things go out of control. But there is a reason why experts suggest that bringing yourself out of your comfort zone just enough, can be satisfying.

It increases the release of endorphins or happy hormones in your body and promotes mental health as a result. Every day, spend some time and try to pen down the things you are thinking about. This will clear your head and help you sleep.

As with all run-of-the-mill things, when you put an end to the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to blossom.  So what’s that one habit or thought pattern that is leaving you dispirited?  What can you do today to eradicate its recurrence tomorrow?

Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts. Have a NICE day!


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